Training Curriculum

Technical Training

Tactical Training

Physical Training

Mental Training

Week 1-4: Ball Control and Dribbling
  • Emphasis on developing close ball control and dribbling skills.
  • Drills: dribbling through cones, dribbling in tight spaces, 1v1 duels.

Week 5-8: Passing and Receiving
  • Focus on accurate passing, receiving the ball under pressure.
  • Drills: passing accuracy drills, short and long passing, wall passing.

Week 9-12: Shooting and Finishing
  • Techniques for shooting on target, volleys, and finishing in different scenarios.
  • Drills: shooting accuracy, one-on-one with the goalkeeper, finishing under pressure.

Week 13-16: Defensive Skills
  • Defensive positioning, tackling, and intercepting passes.
  • Drills: tackling exercises, positioning drills, intercepting passes.

Week 1-4: Team Shape and Positioning
  • Understanding team formations, positional play, and defensive shape.
  • Drills: team shape exercises, defensive positioning.

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