why us?

Professional training under the guidance of qualified coaches

The key to your child’s development is the care of qualified coaches. As educators in our soccer school, they hold appropriate qualifications, skills and passion to ensure proper harmonious development of a young footballer in many aspects. In the Academy from the capital of Oyo state, Nigeria, the youngest spend their free time in a healthy way, learning and developing football skills, learning about the rules of fair play and learning about the history and values of The Concord Football Academy.

Outstanding Football Training

The Concord Football Academy is the foundation of the training system of the every football club player in Oyo state. Our soccer school is the first stage of football development, it is the stage of “pre-selection”. Our Player Development Pathway strategy is the best to learn from with three sessions per day and evaluation of players every three months upon admission into our academy to track players progress.

Training through Fun

Our mission is to create a safe football environment ideal for a child’s development in an atmosphere of fun and friendship. The main goal of CFA is to provide a high comfort level of training, achieving the child’s satisfaction with classes and an excellent contact with the parents of our students.

Our coaches conduct valuable and interesting football training sessions, based on the standard The Concord Football Academy methodologies and philosophy adapted to the age and abilities of the players.

Education through Sport

The most important thing to us is that children at this age should have good fun. Our intention is that our students will associate sport with fun. Therefore, the core of the training, especially for the youngest players uses themes from popular fairy tales and things well known to children of a certain age.